Tips to Choosing a Business LawyerBe Smart and Hire a reliable Maple Grove Business Law Attorney

Choosing a Maple Grove business attorney can be a daunting task. Some individuals will run to the local general practice attorney, and some people will turn to a larger firm that is entirely too big and costly for them. However, both of those options are wrong for most businesses.

The General Practice Attorney: Jack of All Trades, Master of None

You do not want to pick the general practice attorney. They might be a terrific person, but they lack the in-depth expertise of a business attorney. A general practice attorney is an attorney that practices door law. Door law is where you take every case that comes in your door regardless of your experience or knowledge. A general practice attorney moves from DWIs to divorces, to personal injury, to the next door case to happen in front of him or her. You do not want your business and financial future in the hands of someone leaping between DWIs and child custody cases. Moreover, do you not want to pay legal fees to someone who is charging you for the time it takes to research the basic law he or she needs to solve your problem.
A general practice attorney will not have the knowledge to deal with the complex areas of law that are involved in running a business that a business attorney will have. A general practitioner will not know the ins and outs of avoiding entanglements with employment laws, intellectual property, corporate governance, and other complex areas that arise in business law. If your attorney is looking for personal injury, criminal, and divorce cases then they are not the right attorney for your business.

The Large Firm: Avoiding High Fees for Advice You Don’t Need

Some business owners go in the complete opposite direction and select a large firm. However in a large firm, you are just a billable hour, and you have overhead to keep down and profit to make. The large firm model puts pressure on all of its associates and partners to bill a certain number of hours a year. Usually, this is between 2200 and 2500 hours a year. This is why a large firm will squeeze out every bit of a legal fee that they can get out of your business. They will do this many ways. They will spend your money chasing down research on obscure and unimportant minutia that are only tangentially relevant to your case. Do you really want to blow $5000 just to find out that the matter is only worth $500? Moreover, you will not be meeting with the attorneys that are actually doing the work. Their associates do the footwork while you meet with the partner. Why should you pay the partner’s hourly rate for work done by other attorneys? As you can see, the large firm is expensive and has a lot of unnecessary overhead that will be passed on to your business and will blow up your overhead.

Pick the Right Business Attorney

As a Minnesota business attorney, I know that a business must keep its overhead low in order to maximize your profits. My goal is to form ongoing relationships that support startup and MN local businesses. I am the attorney who will not only meet with you, but I will also be doing your work. I want to provide the advice and services that your business needs to succeed. I can provide the focused and cost effective advice in order to prevent legal calamities from putting your business out of business.
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