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Kampmeyer Law, is a MN Employment and Business Law Attorney, and is here to help build your business without the excessive expense of larger firms where an entrepreneur is often just a potential billable-hour, while still giving responsive and personal service. We strive to give companies, individuals, and entrepreneurs the comprehensive and economical solutions for their legal needs.

Kampmeyer Law is a different kind of law firm. We seek to give our clients value beyond traditional legal services. We understand that companies and entrepreneurs must be able to grow and expand their businesses smarter, free from the hassle and distraction of legal disputes.


Kampmeyer Law knows that any good business must minimize its expenses in order to realize profits and grow. This is why Kampmeyer Law strives to provide extraordinary value above and beyond our costs. Oftentimes, Kampmeyer Law may provide alternative fee options in order to minimize client costs in order to provide better services. Not all services should be provided by the ticking clock of the billable hour.


Our goal at Kampmeyer Law is to make it easier for companies and entrepreneurs to grow their business and realize their profit goals with minimal interruption and cost. You deserve to run your business without legal distractions. Contact Us Today for your Business and Employment Law needs!

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